North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 49-03.1

Franchise for Certain Public Utilities

Section Section Name
49-03.1-01 Certificates of public convenience and necessity ‑ Who to secure
49-03.1-02 Definitions
49-03.1-03 Certificate application
49-03.1-04 Factors to be considered by commission in granting or denying a certificate
49-03.1-05 Prerequisites to issuance of certificate of public convenience and necessity ‑ Waiver of hearing
49-03.1-06 Franchise not to be exercised without certificate
49-03.1-07 Replacement or renewal of franchise ‑ Certificate of public convenience and necessity not necessary
49-03.1-08 Complaint upon violation of chapter
49-03.1-09 Registration of telecommunications companies that are not incumbent telecommunications companies ‑ Penalty