64th Legislative Assembly - Regular Session (2015)

Organizational Session:

December 1-3, 2014

Regular Session:

Convened Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Adjourned Wednesday, April 29th, 2015
Reconvened and adjourned Tuesday, June 16, 2015*

Legislative information from the 64th Legislative Assembly is available through this website without charge. Generally, some information will become available before the Legislative Assembly convenes, and some information becomes available after the Legislative Assembly adjourns (effective dates of legislation and Session Laws). During the legislative session this information is updated daily.

The 64th Legislative Assembly consisted of a Senate of 47 senators and a House of Representatives with 94 representatives. Generally, the 2 representatives and 1 senator from odd-numbered districts were elected to 4-year terms at the 2014 general election and the 2 representatives and 1 senator from even-numbered districts were elected to 4-year terms at the November 2012 general election.

*The Legislative Assembly reconvened the Legislative Assembly pursuant to North Dakota Century Code Sections 54-03-02 and 54-35-16 to continue the work of the 64th Legislative Assembly.

Calendar And Hearing Schedules

Legislator Information

Bill & Resolution Statistics

Bills: 855 Introduced Passed
House 476 268
Senate 379 218
Concurrent Resolutions: 84    
House 60 34
Senate 24 16
Memorial Resolutions: 2    
House 1 1
Senate 1 1
Resolutions: 1    
House 1 1
Senate 0 0
Statistics Totals
Total Bills And Resolutions Introduced 942
Governor Signed 484
Governor Vetoes 1
Vetoes Overridden with 2/3 Majority Vote 0
Item Vetoes (Did Not Affect Entire Bill) 4


*Totals include 1 bill introduced during the
2016 special session.