North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 49-04

Duties of Public Utilities

Section Section Name
49-04-01 Public utility to provide adequate service
49-04-02 Reasonable charges for services and commodities of public utility
49-04-02.1 Customer deposits ‑ Interest
49-04-03 Violation of prescribed system of accounts unlawful
49-04-04 Power of public utility to issue evidence of indebtedness
49-04-05 Commission approval required to dispose of or encumber franchises, works, or systems ‑ Exceptions
49-04-06 Acquiring stock or membership interest or business of another utility ‑ Authorization by commission
49-04-07 Unreasonable preferences or advantages prohibited
49-04-08 Certain discriminations allowed
49-04-09 Long and short hauls
49-04-10 Freight pooling
49-04-11 Free passes restricted
49-04-12 Free transportation authorized in certain cases
49-04-13 Definitions
49-04-14 Penalty for issuing free passes
49-04-15 Public utility tax report ‑ Furnished to commission on request
49-04-16 Orders from commission ‑ Observance by public utility
49-04-17 Reasonable rules and regulations by public utility
49-04-18 Public utility reports furnished to commission
49-04-19 Security interests against transmitting utilities ‑ Filing instruments with secretary of state
49-04-20 Notification before discontinuance of utility service