North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 49-06

Valuation of Public Utility Property

Section Section Name
49-06-01 Valuation of property as basis for determining reasonableness of rates
49-06-02 Value of property for ratemaking purposes ‑ Determination
49-06-03 Value of goodwill not to be considered in ratemaking
49-06-04 Fair market price to be allowed in fixing valuations
49-06-05 When valuation or revaluation required
49-06-06 Disagreement on new rate ‑ Bond required
49-06-07 Failure of utility to file bond ‑ Temporary rates prescribed by commission
49-06-08 Determination of permanent rates
49-06-09 Utility to remit to consumer if rate lower than temporary rate
49-06-10 Valuation ‑ Notice ‑ Finality ‑ Prima facie evidence
49-06-11 Hearings as to valuations ‑ Called by commission
49-06-12 Notice of hearing ‑ Preliminary examination
49-06-13 Hearing ‑ Right of public utility ‑ Evidence ‑ Findings ‑ Review
49-06-14 Findings of commission ‑ Admissible as evidence
49-06-15 Corrections and revaluation of public utility property
49-06-16 Additional hearings of commission
49-06-17 Limitation on number of valuation or revaluation orders
49-06-18 Employment of experts ‑ Attorneys ‑ Costs of hearing
49-06-19 Additional costs to be paid ‑ Refund
49-06-20 Amount not paid to draw interest ‑ Attorney general to collect
49-06-21 Writs of attachment and garnishment summons to be issued
49-06-22 Public utility valuation fund ‑ Use
49-06-23 Expenses of valuation or revaluation paid into public utility valuation revolving fund
49-06-24 When electric rates not to be increased