North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 49-09.1

Railroad Right of Way Crossings

Section Section Name
49-09.1-01 Definitions
49-09.1-02 Right of utilities to cross over or under railroad right of way
49-09.1-03 Notice and application for placement
49-09.1-04 Commencement of construction across railroad right of way
49-09.1-05 Crossing fee ‑ Flagging expense
49-09.1-06 Certificate of insurance or coverage
49-09.1-07 Notice of objection by railroad ‑ Appeal
49-09.1-08 Additional requirements imposed by railroad ‑ Objection and petition to commission
49-09.1-09 Operational relocation
49-09.1-10 Removal of equipment
49-09.1-11 Assignment
49-09.1-12 Prohibition against mechanic's liens
49-09.1-13 Taxes
49-09.1-14 Existing agreements ‑ Eminent domain