North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 49-11

Railroad Bridges, Crossings, Intersections, and Fences

Section Section Name
49-11-00.1 Definitions
49-11-01 Obstruction of crossing by railroad ‑ Provision for temporary way
49-11-02 Railroad bridges must be in good repair
49-11-03 Railroad bridge must provide clear passage over highway
49-11-04 Highways and watercourses to be restored to former state
49-11-05 Railroad to maintain sufficient highway crossings
49-11-06 Railroad crossings ‑ Construction and maintenance
49-11-07 Railroad crossing ‑ Failure to construct or maintain ‑ Penalty
49-11-08 Making intersecting railroad crossing ‑ No delay if bond filed
49-11-09 Railroads intersecting ‑ Compensation governed by law of eminent domain
49-11-10 Crossings of another railroad ‑ Drawbridges ‑ Stopping of trains
49-11-11 Crossing other railroad without stopping ‑ Approval of commission
49-11-12 District court may review commission's disapproval of plan for crossing railroad without stopping
49-11-13 Grade crossings ‑ Determination of their safety by commission
49-11-14 Notice to railroad of investigation of grade crossing
49-11-15 Penalty for violation of order
49-11-16 Caution signs ‑ Specifications ‑ Posting at crossings
49-11-17 Railroad crossing over land owned on both sides by one person ‑ Penalty for failure to provide
49-11-18 Construction of railroad ‑ Crossing highway or waterway
49-11-19 Blocking or obstructing crossing with train ‑ Penalty
49-11-19.1 Blocking or obstructing alternative crossings ‑ Penalty
49-11-20 Installation of flagman at crossings
49-11-21 Warning device sounded at crossing by locomotive ‑ Exceptions
49-11-22 Liability for failure of locomotive to sound bell, horn, or whistle at crossing
49-11-23 Liability of engineer for failure to sound bell, horn, or whistle of locomotive at crossing
49-11-24 Railroad right of way ‑ Fences
49-11-25 How fence on railroad right of way to be constructed
49-11-26 Landowner may require railroad to build hog‑tight fence
49-11-27 Requirements of hog‑tight fence built by railroad on right of way
49-11-28 Swinging gates ‑ When railroad required to maintain
49-11-29 Failure to construct fence or swinging gate ‑ Penalty
49-11-30 Failure of railroad to fence ‑ Damage to owner of stock ‑ How collected
49-11-31 Certain sections not applicable within corporate limits
49-11-32 Train crew exemption