North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 49-16

Liability of Railroads for Negligence

Section Section Name
49-16-01 Liability of railroad for damages from fire
49-16-01.1 Indemnity terms void and unenforceable
49-16-01.2 Choice‑of‑laws clause void
49-16-02 Railroad's liability for injury or death of employee
49-16-03 Contributory negligence not bar to recovery
49-16-04 Assumption of risk
49-16-05 Contracts exempting railroad from liability void
49-16-06 Limitation of actions
49-16-07 Survival of right of action
49-16-08 Defenses of assumption of risk and contributory negligence barred
49-16-09 Personal injuries ‑ When railroad not liable
49-16-10 Liability for acts of railway police
49-16-11 Liability of owner or operator of railroad limited