North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 49-19

Common Pipeline Carriers

Section Section Name
49-19-01 Definition of common pipeline carriers
49-19-02 Pipeline carriers ‑ Special powers of commission
49-19-03 Enforcement of orders by commission
49-19-04 Reservation in gas franchises
49-19-05 Percentage of native natural gas to be used
49-19-06 Gas in commercial quantities ‑ What constitutes
49-19-07 Pro rata distribution of gas
49-19-08 Operation of pipelines
49-19-09 Permission to secure right of way ‑ Condition
49-19-10 Compensating county for damage to public road in laying pipelines
49-19-11 Pipeline carrier must agree to carry without discrimination
49-19-12 When pipeline carrier may exercise right of eminent domain
49-19-13 Hearings on rates of pipeline carrier ‑ Power of commission
49-19-14 Reimbursement of excessive rates to shipper
49-19-15 Exchange of tonnage by common carrier ‑ Facilities to be maintained for receipt and delivery
49-19-16 Commission to make rules on deductions ‑ Orders prima facie evidence
49-19-17 Pipeline carriers to make and publish tariffs
49-19-18 Joint action by commissions to regulate interstate commerce
49-19-19 Discrimination between shippers in facilities furnished, service rendered, and rates prohibited
49-19-20 Duties of pipeline carriers
49-19-21 Oil and gas wastes ‑ Dangerous field operations ‑ Commission to regulate
49-19-22 Violation of law or rules by pipeline carriers ‑ Penalty ‑ Suit by attorney general
49-19-23 Unlawful discrimination ‑ Damages ‑ Suit
49-19-24 Individuals guilty of discrimination ‑ Penalty
49-19-25 Fraudulent consumption of gas ‑ Punishment