North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 51-08.1

Uniform State Antitrust Act

Section Section Name
51-08.1-01 Definitions
51-08.1-02 Contract, combination, or conspiracy to restrain or monopolize trade
51-08.1-03 Establishment, maintenance, or use of monopoly
51-08.1-04 Exclusions
51-08.1-05 Judicial jurisdiction
51-08.1-06 Official investigation
51-08.1-07 Civil penalty and injunctive enforcement by state
51-08.1-08 Damages and injunctive relief
51-08.1-09 Judgment in favor of state as prima facie evidence
51-08.1-10 Limitation of actions
51-08.1-11 Remedies cumulative
51-08.1-12 Rights, privileges, and immunities