North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 61-04.1

Weather Modification

Section Section Name
61-04.1-01 Extended state ownership of water sovereignty over moisture
61-04.1-02 Declaration of policy and purpose
61-04.1-03 Definitions
61-04.1-03.1 Atmospheric resource board
61-04.1-04 North Dakota atmospheric resource board created ‑ Membership
61-04.1-05 Board districts created
61-04.1-06 Direction and supervision by department of water resources ‑ Independent functions retained by board
61-04.1-07 Board officers ‑ Compensation
61-04.1-08 Powers and duties of board
61-04.1-09 Board to establish research and development program ‑ Hail suppression pilot program
61-04.1-10 Biennial report
61-04.1-11 License and permit required
61-04.1-12 Exemptions
61-04.1-13 Operator deemed to be doing business within state ‑ Resident agent
61-04.1-14 Issuance of license ‑ Fee
61-04.1-15 Revocation or suspension of license
61-04.1-16 Permit required ‑ Issuance of permit ‑ Fee
61-04.1-17 Hearings
61-04.1-18 Revocation, suspension, or modification of permit
61-04.1-19 Proof of financial responsibility
61-04.1-20 Board may create operating districts ‑ Representation of noncontracting counties
61-04.1-21 District operations advisory committees created ‑ Duties
61-04.1-22 Weather modification authority may suspend operations
61-04.1-22.1 Temporary weather modification authority
61-04.1-23 Weather modification authority created by petition
61-04.1-24 Petition contents
61-04.1-25 Commissioners ‑ Compensation ‑ Meetings ‑ Officers
61-04.1-26 Funding for support of weather modification authority
61-04.1-27 Creation of weather modification authority and its powers by resolution
61-04.1-28 Procedure for abolishment of weather modification authority and all its powers by recall initiated petition
61-04.1-29 Creation of weather modification authority by election
61-04.1-30 Abolishment of weather modification authority by election
61-04.1-31 Creation of weather modification authority by vote after resolution of county commissioners
61-04.1-32 County budget may be waived for first appropriation ‑ Conditions
61-04.1-33 Bids required ‑ When
61-04.1-34 Performance bond, cash, or negotiable securities required
61-04.1-35 Bid bond, cash, or negotiable securities required
61-04.1-36 State immunity
61-04.1-37 Liability of controller
61-04.1-38 Board may receive and expend funds
61-04.1-39 Payment for weather modification ‑ State to provide funds
61-04.1-40 State water commission ‑ Compensation ‑ Expenses
61-04.1-41 Penalty