Bills Submitted to the Delayed Bills Committees for the 2021 Special Session

Introduction of the following bills is subject to the approval of the Delayed Bills Committees.


Bills Submitted to the House Delayed Bills Committee

  • 21.1078.01000 - Relating to prohibiting the teaching of critical race theory in public schools
  • 21.1081.05000 - Relating to COVID-19 vaccination requirement limitations on recipients of state and local tax incentives and exemptions
  • 21.1082.03000 - Relating to discrimination based on vaccination status or possession of an immunity passport
  • 21.1087.03000 - Relating to pharmacist dispensing of ivermectin
  • 21.1099.02000 - Relating to fraud countermeasures on ballots
  • 21.1100.01000 - Relating to prohibitions on financial institutions disclosing information to the internal revenue service
  • 21.1101.01000 - Relating to a common schools building and renovation grant fund
  • 21.1103.01000 - Relating to coal conversion tax allocations; to provide for retroactive application
  • 21.1105.01000 - Relating to employer-required COVID-19 vaccinations
  • 21.1106.01000 - Relating to charitable gaming tax
  • 21.1107.01000 - Relating to a corporate and individual income tax rate reduction and the oil extraction tax rate
  • 21.1109.02000 - Relating to decertification of election equipment, manual ballot recounts, and county election officials' responsibilities
  • 21.1110.01000 - Relating to prekindergarten through grade twelve education standards for theories on human behavior
  • 21.1114.02000 - Relating to a prohibition on requiring a vaccination
  • 21.1115.01000 - Relating to district party organization
  • 21.1116.02000 - Relating to a hospital patient's right to try off-label use drugs, a hospital ban on discrimination based on vaccine status, pharmacist fulfillment of off-label drug use prescriptions, and the board of medicine's authority to bring disciplinary actions
  • 21.1117.01000 - Relating to the asset allocation plan of the legacy fund
  • 21.1118.01000 - Relating to mandatory vaccination exemptions and an employer's civil liability for mandatory vaccinations
  • 21.1125.01000 - Relating to limitations on COVID-19 vaccinations and infection information and limitations on employers requiring COVID-19 vaccinations
  • 21.3126.01000 - A concurrent resolution recognizing parents as the chief stakeholders of the future and education of their children


Bills Submitted to the Senate Delayed Bills Committee

  • 21.1090.01000 - Relating to a paid family medical leave program for eligible employees
  • 21.1097.01000 - Relating to the marriage penalty credit and an income tax exclusion for social security benefits
  • 21.1111.01000 - Relating to legislative redistricting and staggering of terms of members of the legislative assembly
  • 21.1121.01000 - Relating to career and technical education scholarship eligibility requirements
  • 21.1122.01000 - Relating to curriculum standards for instruction on topics of race, gender, sexuality, and equality