Major Topic Index - Adjutant General

Category Bill
Agency Appropriation SB 2016
National Guard Training Center SB 2234
Prosecution Witness Fees(1) SB 2025
Snow Removal Grants SB 2183
Statewide Interoperable Radio Network HB 1242
Veterans' Cemetery Maintenance Fund SB 2016
Infrastructure Projects and Programs SB 2307
National Flood Insurance Program HB 1098
National Guard Expansion of Tuition Grants to Include Out-of-state Institutions SB 2094
National Guard Expenses and Pay of Officer and Enlisted Members HB 1069
Repeal Statute Relating to Statewide Seamless Base Map Fees SB 2117
Strategic Investment and Improvements Fund
Funds for Statewide Interoperable Radio Network Equipment SB 2016
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