Major Topic Index - Alcohol

Category Bill
Allowing off Sale of Alcoholic Beverages on Thanksgiving HB 1335
Event Permits for Microbrew Pubs, Domestic Wineries, Domestic Distilleries, and Brewer Taproom Licenses HB 1449
Evidence-based Alcohol and Drug Education Programs and Program Certification SB 2086
Gaming Licenses for Alcoholic Beverage Establishments and Bingo Halls SB 2304
Gaming Site Authorization for Locations That Dispense Alcohol HB 1484
Microbrew Pub and Brewer Tap Licenses SB 2319
Multipassenger Bicycles and Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol HB 1316
Possession of a Firearm at a Liquor Store HB 1483
Prohibition on Access to a Brewer Taproom for an Individual Under Twenty-one Years of Age SB 2363
Recovery Residence Registry SB 2152
Revoked or Suspended Licenses Upon Successful Completion of Drug Court HB 1280
Riding a Bicycle or Animal Under the Influence HB 1506
Substance Abuse Treatment Program Oversight HB 1050
Suspension of Electronic Alcohol Monitoring and Sobriety Breath Testing During Drug Court Program Participation HB 1277
Alcoholic Beverage Tax on Diluted Beverages HB 1303
State-tribal Agreements for the Administration and Collection of Alcoholic Beverages Wholesale Tax and Alcoholic Beverages Gross Receipts Tax SB 2377
Tax Credits for Beer Produced With Barley Purchased in This State HB 1504
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