Major Topic Index - Bids

Category Bill
Bidders List SB 2042
Cooperative Purchasing Pursuant to a Joint Powers Agreement SB 2370
Exceptions to Competitive Bidding Process SB 2042
Post-production Royalty Oversight Program Technical Assistance SB 2194
Priority to Contract With Companies Supporting Energy and Agriculture HB 1345
Prohibition of Contracts With Companies That Boycott Israel HB 1368
Reciprocal Preference Requirements in Procurement SB 2042
Registration With Secretary of State SB 2042
Resolution of Identical Bids or Proposals and Vendor Requirements SB 2042
Securities Professional Services Contracts Exempt SB 2060
State Purchasing Contracts Must Include Clause in Support of Agriculture and Energy HB 1345
Threshold for Procuring Plans, Drawings, and Specifications for Construction of a Public Improvement SB 2347
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