Major Topic Index - Candidates

Category Bill
Candidate's Contact Information, Nominating Petition, and Certificate of Endorsement HB 1424
Form of the Primary Ballot SB 2280
Placement of Applicant's Name on the Ballot and Designation of Position Sought HB 1204
Prohibition of Ranked-choice Voting in Elections HB 1273
Reports and Disclosures
Campaign Contribution Limitations and Disclosure Statements SB 2315
Campaign Contribution Statements for Candidates Seeking a School District Office HB 1257
Campaign Finance Disclosures of Political Parties and Candidates HB 1529
Report of Aggregate Expenditures for Political Purposes SB 2318
Report of Expenditures Made in Support of Opposition to Legislative Candidates HB 1441
Report the Ultimate and True Source of Funds HB 1500
School District Campaign Contribution Statements HB 1116
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