Major Topic Index - Charities

Category Bill
Authority to Deposit Money Into Student Organization Accounts HB 1392
Contractor Licensing Exceptions for a Non Profit Entity SB 2207
Discretionary Special Allocation Hunting Licenses SB 2294
Exception for Licensure and Renewal Fees for Nonprofit Construction Contractors SB 2207
Food Insecurity Task Force HB 1471
Approval for a Gaming Site Authorization HB 1296
Electronic Pull Tab Device Rent Limits HB 1387
Electronic Pull Tab Device Requirements HB 1524
Electronic Pull Tab Payout Limitations and Use of Gaming Gross Proceeds SB 2390
Eligible Uses of Net Gaming Proceeds SB 2336
Expanding Eligible Uses for Net Proceeds HB 1142
Manufacturers of Electronic Devices and Electronic Fifty-fifty Raffle Tickets and Maximum Monthly Rent for Electronic Pull Dab Devices SB 2245
Operating Fund Deposits and Creation of a Technology Fund SB 2281
Treatment of Cash Shorts Incurred HB 1445
Giving Hearts Day HCR 3016
Grants for Mental Health Awareness Services HB 1468
Immigration Workforce Advisory Board SB 2151
Liability Limitations of Charitable Organizations HB 1284
Modification of Allowable Expense Limits for Charitable Funds HB 1296
Nonprofit Agricultural Membership Organizations SB 2349
Personal Liability of Charitable Organization Employees SB 2236
Exemption for Buildings and Land Belonging to Institutions of Public Charity HB 1438
Sales Tax Exclusion for Sale of Used Clothing Sold by Thrift Store HB 1402
Tax Credit for Charitable Gifts HB 1343
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