Major Topic Index - Child Care

Category Bill
Assistance Payments to Providers SB 2084
Child Care Assistance Program SB 2190
Child Care Assistance Program Payments to Providers and the Definition of an Approved Relative Provider SB 2084
Child Care Stabilization Program SB 2301
Department of Defense Early Childhood Services SB 2182
Early Childhood Services Providers Criminal History Checks SB 2238
Early Childhood Services Resource and Referral Service, Workforce Development, Inclusion Support Program, Best in Class Program, and Disclosure of Child Abuse and Neglect Confirmed Decisions SB 2104
Grants for Early Childhood Programs SB 2323
Identification of Major Needs and Systemic Approaches to Stabilize Child Care Infrastructure SB 2323
Limitations on Covid-19 Vaccinations and Experimental Vaccines HB 1200
Proof of Liability Insurance HB 1298
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