Major Topic Index - Civil Actions

Category Bill
Appeals From a Local Governing Body and Water Resource Board HB 1462
Assumption of Liability of a Railroad Company HB 1252
Attorneys' Fees on Small Claims Court Appeals HB 1058
Compensation Following Rejection of Offer of Mineral Developer HB 1510
Creation of Opioid Settlement Fund SB 2248
Duty of Care for Recreational Activities on Land Owned or Leased by the State SB 2298
Higher Education Athletic Team Designation by Sex, Limitations on Government Property Use HB 1489
Prohibition on Providing Accommodations to a Transgender Student HB 1522
Eminent Domain
Adjudicative Proceedings HB 1466
Assessment of Damages SB 2313
Carbon Dioxide Pipelines SB 2212
Surveying Process SB 2251
Informal Disposition of an Administrative Proceeding HB 1154
Insurance Cash Value Exemptions for Debtors SB 2206
Intentional Injuries to Timber SB 2241
Government Liability for Provisions Contained in Packaging or Click-through Agreements SB 2109
Immunity for Persons Offering Wholesome Food or Grocery Product HB 1243
Immunity From Liability for Final Disposition of a Decedent SB 2193
Limitations of Charitable Organizations HB 1284
Officers and Executive Committee Members of a Political Organization SB 2352
Personal Liability of Charitable Organization Employees SB 2236
Vaccine Study and Medical Liability of a Governmental Entity HB 1406
Limitations on Permanent Spousal Support SB 2069
Marketing Practices Involving an Agreement for Automatic Renewal HB 1228
Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Investigations HB 1434
Motor Vehicles
Owner's Liability for Fleeing a Peace Officer SB 2348
Unsatisfied Judgment Fund and the Assigned Risk Plan SB 2295
Parental Rights
Education SB 2260
Education and Medical Treatment SB 2260
Parent's Interest in Child's Upbringing HB 1362
Prohibition of Governmental Interference HB 1403
Protecting Survivors of Domestic Abuse From Abusive Litigation HB 1533
Repeal of Statute Relating to Damages for Wrongful Injuries to Timber SB 2241
Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act HB 1360
Service of Garnishment on State Employers SB 2072
State Reimbursement for Cost of Successful Claims Against the State SB 2310
Statute of Limitations on Civil Actions Alleging Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, Gross Sexual Imposition, or Childhood Sexual Abuse SB 2282
Surplus Lines Insurance Diligent Search Requirements SB 2305
Time Within Which to Execute a Judgment HB 1291
Uniform Civil Remedies for Unauthorized Disclosure of Intimate Images Act SB 2041
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