Major Topic Index - Construction

Category Bill
A Political Subdivision May Not Prohibit the Use of Natural Gas in New Construction HB 1124
Claimant's Right to Maintain a Construction Lien for Furnishing Materials and Improvements HB 1323
Contents of a Recorded Declaration for a Condominium Project HB 1174
Contractor Licensing Exceptions for a Non Profit Entity Giving Away Residence or Selling Below Value to Low-income Person SB 2207
County Bridge Construction HB 1127
Definition of Excavation for the One-call Excavation Notice System HB 1064
Eligibility for School Construction Loans HB 1161
Facility Management Operating Fund SB 2015
Infrastructure Projects and Programs Supreme Court and Adjutant General SB 2307
Infrastructure Revolving Loan Fund HB 1292
Maximum Basement Depths in Residential Properties SB 2303
Minimum Age Allowed to Work in a Construction Site SB 2170
Notices Triggering Zoning Inspections When Assessments Are Conducted and Building Permits Are Issued HB 1422
Property Tax
Exemption for Building and Land of Charitable Entities HB 1438
Proposed Studies
Construction Labor by Minors SB 2170
Repair of Damaged Residential Nonconforming Structure HB 1422
Sales and Use Tax
Exemption for Materials Used to Construct or Expand a Coal Processing Facility That Utilizes Coal as a Feedstock HB 1511
Coal Development Trust Fund for School Construction Affected by Construction Inflation HB 1185
Construction Projects SB 2284
Revolving Loan Fund HB 1186
Supreme Court Building and Oversight Committee HB 1397
Threshold for Procuring Plans, Drawings, and Specifications From an Architect or Engineer for Construction of a Public Improvement SB 2347
Well or Pipeline Construction Liens SB 2311
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