Major Topic Index - Contracts

Category Bill
Alternatives to Abortion Program SB 2129
Contracts With Railroad for Assumption of Liability HB 1252
Cooperative Purchasing Pursuant to a Joint Powers Agreement SB 2370
Corn Council Contract Services HB 1153
County Bridge Construction HB 1127
Delivery Network Company Insurance HB 1440
Forage Inspector Contracting HB 1099
Grain and Seed Warehouses, Grain Buyers, Insolvent Grain Warehousemen HB 1393
Habitat Development on Private Land and Public Access Agreements HB 1260
Legal Expense Insurance Plans Exempt From Regulation by Insurance Commissioner HB 1189
Limitations on Regulation of Short-term Contracts With a School District HB 1259
Marketing Practices Involving Agreement for Automatic Renewal HB 1228
Prohibition of Unfair Service Agreements HB 1188
Prohibition on a State Entity From Employing an Individual Under Contract With a School District HB 1201
Proposed Studies
Divestment of Companies That Boycott Energy or Commodities HB 1429
Regulation of Sale of Real Estate of an Equitable Interest in a Contract Between a Property Owner and a Purchaser HB 1190
State Contracts
Clause in Support of Agriculture and Energy Industries HB 1345
Companies That Boycott Energy, Mining, Production Agriculture HB 1429
Lease of Additional Space by State Agencies HB 1288
Priority to Companies Supporting Energy and Agriculture HB 1345
Prohibition on Contracts With Companies That Boycott Israel HB 1368
Property Management Services HB 1288
Reciprocal Agreements With Adjoining States for Inspection and Testing of Fabricated Products or Materials HB 1079
Transportation Network Company Driver as Independent Contractor HB 1381
Contracts for Water Projects SB 2036
Storage HB 1077
Tribal Contracts With State Water Commission HB 1385
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