Major Topic Index - County Auditor

Category Bill
Audits After Certification of Election HB 1467
Electronic Voting Devices and Electronic Voting Systems HB 1317
Limitation of Drop Boxes as Lawful Places of Deposit for Absent Voters' Ballots and Mail Ballots HB 1314
Pollbooks, Voter Lists, and Reports Submitted to County Auditor SB 2386
Repeal Statute Relating to Mail Ballots SB 2308
Timeline for Abstract of Votes HB 1192
Vote Centers, Offline Electronic Pollbooks, and Absentee Votes Postmark Deadline HB 1405
Vote Centers, Pollbooks, and Absentee Votes HB 1405
Financial Reports Provided to State Auditor HB 1245
Notification of School District Failure to Pay HB 1125
Operation of Watershed Districts SB 2372
Primary Residence Property Tax Relief Credit SB 2309
Property Tax
Optional Property Tax Freeze for Seniors SB 2177
Senior Citizens Credit HB 1380
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