Major Topic Index - Crime Victims

Category Bill
Crime of Violence Self Defense and Reimbursement HB 1213
Criminal Restitution HB 1041
Limitations on Civil Actions Alleging Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, Gross Sexual Imposition, or Childhood Sexual Abuse SB 2282
Medical Screening and Acute Forensic Medical Examination Costs SB 2067
Prohibiting a Forced or Coerced Abortion HB 1171
Protecting Survivors of Domestic Abuse for Abusive Litigation HB 1533
Repeal of Statute Criminalizing Transferring Body Fluid Containing the Human Immunodeficiency Virus HB 1281
Rights of a Sexual Assault Survivor HB 1518
Vulnerable Adult Restitution Fund for Victims of Securities Violations SB 2325
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