Major Topic Index - Department of Environmental Quality

2023 Regular Session (68th Legislative Assembly)

Department of Environmental Quality

Category Bill
Agency Appropriation HB 1024
Composition of the Environmental Review Advisory Council HB 1358
Environment and Rangeland Protection Fund HB 1024
Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Fund HB 1024
Continuing Appropriation
Environmental Quality Restoration Fund HB 1024
Corrective Action Reimbursement for Petroleum Releases SB 2075
Criminal History Record Checks
Applicants for a Radioactive Materials License or Solid Waste Permit SB 2076
Model Zoning Ordinances for Animal Feeding Operations HB 1423
Notice to Owner and Law Enforcement of Abandoned Vehicles SB 2300
Pesticide Ground Water Monitoring Program SB 2074
Powers and Duties of the Department HB 1089
Repeal of Section Relating to Improving Efficiencies in the Department of Environmental Quality HB 1089
Standards and Requirements for Solid Waste Projects HB 1089
Study of Petroleum Products and Antifreeze Regulations SB 2101
Wild and Scenic River Designation SB 2097
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