Major Topic Index - Department of Transportation

Category Bill
Abandoned Motor Vehicles SB 2118
Addition of Penalty to Traffic Signs SB 2350
Applications for Mobility-impaired Parking Certificates SB 2191
Agency Appropriation HB 1012
County and Township Bridge Fund HB 1147
County Highway Aid Fund SB 2329
Federal Transportation Related Grants HB 1102
Flexible Transportation Fund SB 2113
Hidden Wounds Veterans' Overpass HB 1354
Infrastructure Revolving Loan Fund HB 1103
North Dakota's Shortest Highway SB 2146
Pfc Ronald C Goodiron Vietnam Bridge HB 1355
Po3 Patrick G. Glennon Vietnam Bridge HB 1352
Pvt. Albert Grass Wwi Bridge HB 1351
Uncrewed Aircraft System, Autonomous Vehicle, or Other Autonomous Technology Grants HB 1519
Unmanned Aircraft System Grants HB 1519
Veterans' Memorial Bridge HB 1117
Autocycles and Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol HB 1316
Bicycle and Animal Ridden Being Deemed a Vehicle - Exception HB 1506
Certificate of Title Allowed in Electronic Format SB 2111
Closure of a Section Line Open for Public Travel HB 1206
Commercial Drivers License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse SB 2112
Crashes Involving Damage to Property SB 2285
Review of Crashes Involving State-owned or State-leased Motor Vehicles HB 1055
Documentary Proof of Citizenship in Elections HB 1299
Entering a Closed Road SB 2189
Entries Against a Driving Record HB 1417
Federal Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Grant SB 2063
Fee for Failure to Adhere to the Right of Way Offenses HB 1325
Highway Logo Sign Program HB 1394
License and Registration
Individuals Who Are Exempt From Having an Operator's License HB 1208
Motor Vehicle Electronic Proof of Registration HB 1080
Nondriver Photo Identification Cards and Operator Licenses for Noncitizens HB 1318
Nonvoter Photo Identification Cards and Operator Licenses for Noncitizens Proof of Citizenship SB 2157
One Number Plate for Motor Vehicles HB 1295
Parking Privileges and License Plates for Mobility-impaired Individuals HB 1169
Receipt of Operator's License if Lawfully Present HB 1493
Snowmobile Registration Exemption and Penalties HB 1346
Special License Plates for Volunteer Search and Rescue Personnel HB 1336
Surviving Spouses of Disabled Veterans Motor Vehicle Registration HB 1212
Suspension of an Operator's License for Nonpayment of Child Support SB 2219
Motor Vehicle Owner's Liability for Fleeing a Peace Officer SB 2348
Multipassenger Bicycles and Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol HB 1316
Proposed Studies
Electronic Vehicle Charging Tax HB 1081
Federal Highway Administration's National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program SB 2063
How to Alleviate Red River Valley Flooding HB 1217
Safety of Certain State Highways HCR 3027
Reciprocal Agreements for Fabricated Products and Materials HB 1079
Removal of Obstructions in City Limits HB 1078
Repeal of Statute Relating to Cost Limitations for a County Bridge HB 1127
Special Permits for Vehicles of Excessive Size HB 1181
Speed Limitations on Multilane Highways HB 1475
Suspension of the Electronic Alcohol Monitoring and Sobriety Breath Testing Requirement During Drug Court Program Participation HB 1277
Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Purchase Price of Replacement Vehicle SB 2176
Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Certain Sales Made to Senior Citizen Organizations HB 1210
Theodore Roosevelt National Park Cooperative Agreements for Maintenance of Roadways SB 2110
Traffic-control Devices May Not Be Removed by Department HB 1246
Transportation Network Company Driver as Independent Contractor HB 1381
Transportation of Aggregate Material HB 1253
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