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Category Bill
Adjutant General Appropriation
Veterans' Cemetery Trust Fund and Cybersecurity Grant Program SB 2016
Allocation From the Legacy Earnings Fund and Eligible Projects Under the Housing Incentive Fund SB 2220
Appropriations for Multiple State Agencies Federal and Special Funds SB 2025
Department of Water Resources Appropriation SB 2020
Indigent Guardianship Services Grants SB 2345
Infrastructure Revolving Loan Fund HB 1103
Legislative Branch Agency Appropriation HB 1001
Lignite Litigation, Oil and Gas Litigation, Computer Server Transition, Transfer of Profits, and Department of Mineral Resources Appropriation HB 1014
Snow Removal Grants SB 2183
Spud Research Fast Track HB 1020
Statewide Interoperable Radio Network HB 1242
Coal Combustion Residuals HB 1090
Coal Development Trust Fund for School Construction Projects Affected by Unanticipated Construction Inflation HB 1185
Delinquent Children HB 1160
Disbursement of Federal Funds and State Special Funds SB 2029
Domestic Terrorism HB 1334
Edible Medical Marijuana Products HB 1202
Fines, Fees, and Costs Upon Completion of Adult Drug Court Program HB 1289
Opioid Settlement Fund HB 1447
Behavioral Health and Student Loan Repayment Programs SB 2127
Career Exploration Software HB 1232
Higher Education Scholarships HB 1030
Increase in Student Financial Assistance Grant Amounts HB 1003
Pilot Program for Tenured Faculty Review at Institutions of Higher Education HB 1446
Postsecondary Career School Accreditation SB 2145
Postsecondary Career School Education Accreditation Standards SB 2145
Prohibition on Providing Accommodations to a Transgender Student HB 1522
School Construction Assistance Revolving Loan Fund HB 1186
Special Education Permit HB 1304
Statewide Area and Career Center Initiative Grant Program HB 1199
Student Financial Assistance HB 1031
Eminent Domain
Carbon Dioxide Pipelines SB 2209
Carbon Dioxide Pipelines (1) SB 2212
Surveying Process During Eminent Domain Procedures SB 2251
Charitable Gaming HB 1114
Site Authorization for Locations That Dispense Alcohol HB 1484
Abortion and Grounds for Disciplinary Action Imposed Against a Physician SB 2150
Basic Care Payment Rates SB 2283
Coverage of Diabetes Drugs and Supplies SB 2140
Downtown Hospital Building Grant Program and a Rural Workforce Hospital Grant Program SB 2342
Extension of Coverage of Insulin Drug and Supply Benefits to All Group and Individual Health Insurance Policies SB 2140
Medical Assistance Waivers and Plan Amendments HB 1261
Operation of State Hospital and Regional Human Service Centers SB 2083
Prohibiting Medical Gender Transitioning Procedures on a Minor HB 1301
Prohibition of Certain Practices Against a Minor Regarding Perception of Sex HB 1254
Public Employee Fertility Health Benefits HB 1146
Public Employees Retirement System Health Benefits for Prosthetic Devices HB 1411
Hours of Operation of the Office of Statistical Services HB 1220
Legislative Assembly Conflicts of Interest Rules HB 1485
Legislative Management
Chairman of Legislative Management Term HB 1313
Representation HB 1311
Liability Limitations of Charitable Organizations HB 1284
Motor Vehicles and Licensure
Abandoned Motor Vehicles SB 2118
Overweight Vehicles SB 2120
Reciept of Operators License if Lawfully Present HB 1493
Revoked or Suspended Licenses Upon Successful Completion of Drug Court HB 1280
Samples for Dna Testing and Chemical Tests to Determine Alcohol Concentration and Presence of Drugs for Individuals Operating Motor Vehicles HB 1338
Office of Management and Budget
Targeted Market Equity Pool and Targeted Market Equity Compensation Adjustments SB 2015
Oil and Gas Tax Revenue Hedging HB 1399
Pay and Allowances of National Guard Members HB 1069
Permit Requirements for Pore Space and Amalgamation Property Interests SB 2228
Personhood Status HB 1361
Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Website SB 2185
Presumption of Compensability for Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers HB 1279
Prohibition on Extreme Risk Protection Provisions HB 1401
Record Retention and Administration of Employee Accounts HB 1528
Requirements for Cities Granting Property Tax Incentives HB 1495
Right-to-life Day HB 1173
Smaller Subsurface Water Management Systems HB 1239
Tobacco Manufacturer Escrow Accounts HB 1274
Traffic-control Devices HB 1246
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