Major Topic Index - Games of Chance

Category Bill
Addiction Treatment Services SB 2077
Approval for a Gaming Site Authorization HB 1296
Authorize Sports Betting Constitutional Amendment HCR 3002
Charitable Gaming Technology Fund and Electronic Gaming SB 2281
Confidential Lottery Sales Data HB 1115
Electronic Pull Tabs
Device Requirements HB 1524
Gaming Site Number Limits, Electronic Pull Tab Devices Limits, and License Fees HB 1497
Payout Limitations and Use of Gaming Gross Proceeds SB 2390
Rent Limits HB 1387
Gaming Licenses for Alcoholic Beverage Establishments and Bingo Halls SB 2304
Gaming Site Authorization for Locations That Dispense Alcohol HB 1484
Imposition of Fines for Gaming Violations SB 2271
Manufacturer of an Electronic Gaming Device SB 2245
Modification of Allowable Expense Limits for Charitable Funds HB 1296
Motorcycle Ride Poker Run and Dice Roll HB 1152
Net Proceeds
Eligible Uses SB 2336
Eligible Uses for Charitable Gaming SB 2186
Expanding Eligible Uses for Charitable Gaming HB 1142
Proposed Studies
Consolidation of Administration of Racing, Sports, and Gaming Into a Single Office HCR 3032
Sports and Gaming Commission HCR 3032
State's Charitable Gaming Industry HB 1497
Racing Commission, Account Deposit Wagering, Bet Payoff Formulas HB 1331
Raffle Board Squares SB 2126
Raffle or Sports Pool Local Permits SB 2154
Sports Betting Task Force SB 2358
Treatment of Cash Shorts Incurred in Gaming HB 1445
Veteran Service Organization Gaming Taxes HB 1426
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