Major Topic Index - Governmental Finance

Category Bill
Assessments for Water Projects(1) SB 2037
Audit of Financial Statements of Agricultural Commodity Promotion Groups SB 2259
Audit of Loan Programs Administered by the Bank of North Dakota SB 2233
Bonds for School Maintenance and Repair Expenditures SB 2144
Budget Section Hearings on State Plans for Federal Block Grants HCR 3001
Charitable Gaming Operating Fund HB 1114
Federal Transportation Related Grants HB 1102
Hazard Mitigation Revolving Loan Fund HB 1070
Infrastructure Revolving Load Fun HB 1292
Innovation Fund to Support Technology Advancement HB 1454
Investment and Management of Public Funds Based on Non-pecuniary Factors HB 1469
Investment of the Common Schools Trust Fund HB 1400
Legacy and Budget Stabilization Fund Advisory Board Duties SB 2330
Legacy Fund
Allocation From the Legacy Earnings Fund and Eligible Projects Under the Housing Incentive Fund SB 2220
Cost-benefit Analysis for a Measure or Policy HB 1227
Legacy and Budget Stabilization Fund Advisory Board and Infrastructure Loan Fund SB 2330
Legacy Projects Fund, Legacy Earnings Fund, Legacy Sinking and Interest Fund HB 1379
Limitation on Growth of State Budget HB 1179
Line of Credit for Department of Water Resources SB 2020
Opioid Settlement Fund HB 1447
Preliminary Budgets of Political Subdivisions HB 1367
Prohibition on Investments and Contracts With Companies That Boycott Israel HB 1368
Prohibition on Social Investments HB 1429
Proposed Studies
Divestment of Companies That Boycott Energy or Commodities HB 1429
Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Trends, Issues, Policies, and Impacts to Citizens, Businesses, and Industries in the State HB 1278
Requests to Expend Federal Funds SB 2029
Rural Ambulance Service District Levies and Ambulance Operations Areas HB 1365
State Investment Board Membership HB 1088
State Investment Board Prudent Investor Rule Support of Fossil Fuel and Agriculture HB 1278
State Weather Modification Fund HB 1166
Water Drain Warrants SB 2036
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