Major Topic Index - Highways

Category Bill
Closure of a Section Line Open for Public Travel HB 1206
County and Township Bridge Fund HB 1147
County Highway Aid Fund SB 2329
Entering a Closed Road SB 2189
Flexible Transportation Fund SB 2113
Hidden Wounds Veterans Overpass HB 1354
Highway Patrol and Motor Vehicle Crash Terminology SB 2053
Highways and Bridges
Cost Limitations for County Bridge HB 1127
Highway Logo Sign Program HB 1394
North Dakota's Shortest Highway SB 2146
Pfc Ronald C Goodiron Vietnam Bridge HB 1355
Po3 Patrick G. Glennon Vietnam Bridge HB 1352
Pvt. Albert Grass Wwi Bridge HB 1351
Speed Limitations on Multilane Highways HB 1475
Study Safety of Certain State Highways HCR 3027
Veterans' Memorial Bridge HB 1117
North Dakota Share the Road Safety Week HCR 3009
Reciprocal Inspection Agreements for Fabricated Products and Materials HB 1079
Removal of Obstructions HB 1078
Theodore Roosevelt National Park Cooperative Agreements for Maintenance of Roadways SB 2110
Township Special Road Fund Limitation SB 2178
Transportation of Aggregate Material HB 1253
Water Projects - Bridges and Culverts SB 2036
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