Major Topic Index - Human Rights

Category Bill
Definition of Pregnancy in Discrimination Laws HB 1450
Discrimination Based on Vaccination Status SB 2274
Discrimination in the State Education System HB 1526
False Allegations of Sexual Harassment or Discrimination HB 1256
Freedom to Exercise Religion HB 1136
Gender and Sex
Correction or Amendment of Birth Records HB 1297
Preferred Pronoun Discriminatory Practices and School Polices on Expressed Gender SB 2231
Prohibition on Providing Accommodations to a Transgender Student HB 1522
References to Gender SB 2199
School-sponsored Athletic Events Exclusively for Males or Females HB 1473
Urge Public Schools and Public Entities Distinguish Between Sexes According to Biological Sex HCR 3010
Parental Rights
Parental Rights May Not Be Infringed Upon by Government SB 2188
Parent's Interest in Child's Upbringing HB 1362
Prohibition on Interference With Parental Rights HB 1403
Personhood Status HB 1361
Prohibiting Discrimination in the Organ Transplant Process SB 2302
Regulation of Social Workers Regarding Treating for Sexual Orientation HB 1332
Repeal Statute on Prohibition on Living Wage Mandates HB 1472
Right-to-life Day HB 1173
State Minimum Wage HB 1507
Training, Data Collection, and Reporting of Bias Crimes HB 1537
Unfair Discrimination in the Business of Insurance HB 1429
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