Major Topic Index - Income Tax

Category Bill
Child Care Income Tax Credit SB 2237
Credit Against Resident's Income Tax Liability HB 1118
Credit for Adoption Expenses HB 1176
Credit for Brewers Purchasing Barley From In-state Sources HB 1504
Credit for Contributions to Maternity Home, Child Placing Agency, or Help Center HB 1176
Credit for Employment of Individuals With Developmental Disabilities or Severe Mental Illness HB 1244
Deduction for Military Pay SB 2293
Flat Income Tax Rate HB 1158
Imposition of a Flat Income Tax Rate for Individuals, Estates, and Trusts Rounding Rules HB 1118
Income Tax Deduction for Retired Law Enforcement Personnel Benefits SB 2147
Primary Residence Income Tax Credit SB 2357
Rate Reduction Based on General Fund Revenues HB 1425
Renaissance Zone Completion of Projects HB 1266
Marriage Penalty Credit HB 1118
Tax Credit for Purchases of Manufacturing Machinery HB 1168
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