Major Topic Index - Labor and Employment

Category Bill
Centralization of Administration of Occupational Boards SB 2249
Department of Commerce
Workforce Training Grants for New Americans HB 1421
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation - Job Shadowing HB 1066
Disciplinary Proceedings of the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners HB 1517
Illegal Aliens and Private Employment HB 1527
Income Tax Credit for Qualified Compensation Paid to an Apprentice HB 1383
Individual Retirement and Employee Benefit Trusts SB 2210
Labor Exceptions for Minors Performing Sports-attendant Services SB 2132
Minors Working in Construction SB 2170
Paid Family Medical Leave Fund HB 1460
Personal Liability of Charitable Organization Employees SB 2236
Proposed Studies
Paid Family Leave Program SCR 4018
Repeal Statute on Prohibition on Political Subdivision Living Wage Mandates HB 1472
Retired Teachers Returning to Employment HB 1271
State Minimum Wage HB 1507
Transportation Network Company Driver as Independent Contractor HB 1381
Covid-19 and Experimental Vaccinations HB 1502
Discrimination Based on Vaccination Status SB 2274
Veterans Preference
Definition of Veteran and Required Documentation When Claiming Veterans' Preference for Employment HB 1222
Refusing Veterans' Preference HB 1250
Workers' Compensation
Disability Benefits and Retirement Presumption SB 2218
Exclusions From the Term Employee Relating to Athletes SB 2214
Hazardous Employment Exemption for Professional Athletes SB 2255
Notices of Disability Benefit Reduction SB 2175
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