Major Topic Index - Legacy Fund

Category Bill
Agriculture Commissioner
Bioscience Innovation Fund and Bioscience Innovation Grant Program SB 2009
Allocation From the Legacy Earnings Fund and Eligible Projects Under the Housing Incentive Fund SB 2220
Cost-benefit Analysis for a Measure or Policy Affecting the Legacy Fund HB 1227
County and Township Bridge Fund HB 1147
Industrial Commission
Pipeline Leak Detection and Prevention and Clean Sustainable Energy Grants and Loans HB 1014
Legacy and Budget Stabilization Fund Advisory Board Duties SB 2330
Legacy Earnings Fund
Integrated School Aid Formula Payments SB 2346
Portion of Payments Related to Intellectual Property Developed Using Legacy Fund Earnings HCR 3033
Primary Residence Property Tax Relief Credit SB 2309
Prohibition on Social Investments HB 1429
Prudent Investor Rule for State Investment Board - Support of Fossil Fuel and Agriculture HB 1278
Transfer of Earnings From the Legacy Fund and Definition of Earnings HCR 3033
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