Major Topic Index - Licenses

Category Bill
Authority of a Motor Vehicle Dealer to Sell Recreational Vehicles and Trailers SB 2193
Concealed Weapons License HB 1339
Domestic Distillery License HB 1449
Hunting Licenses
Nonresident Youth Hunting Licenses for Small Game and Waterfowl HB 1409
Party Hunting for Deer HB 1377
Resident Family Member Small Game License HB 1414
Illegal Aliens and Private Employment HB 1527
Law Enforcement
Canine Team Certification HB 1428
Reserve Peace Officer Licenses HB 1203
Training, Data Collection, and Reporting of Bias Crimes HB 1537
Lifetime Teaching License HB 1329
Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect Training Credits for Licensure Renewal HB 1144
Microbrew Pub and Brewer Tap Licenses SB 2319
Money Transmitters SB 2119
Operator and Identification Licenses
Certain Agricultural Laborers Exempt From Having an Operator's License to Operate a Motor Vehicle HB 1208
Commercial Drivers License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse SB 2112
Nondriver Photo Identification Cards and Operator Licenses for Noncitizens HB 1318
Nonvoter Photo Identification Cards and Operator Licenses for Noncitizens Proof of Citizenship SB 2157
Proof of Citizenship HB 1431
Receipt of Operator's License if Lawfully Present HB 1493
Snowmobile Registration Exemption HB 1346
Special License Plates for Volunteer Search and Rescue Personnel HB 1336
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