Major Topic Index - Military

Category Bill
Air Force Base Air National Guard Retention Grant Funding SB 2240
Appropriation for Department of Veterans' Affairs Fisher House HB 1157
Basic and Long-term Care to Service Members and Veterans HB 1389
Bridge Designation
Pfc Ronald C. Goodiron Vietnam HB 1355
Po3 Patrick G. Glennon Vietnam Bridge HB 1352
Pvt. Albert Grass Wwi Bridge HB 1351
Commemorate Anniversary of End of United States Combat Operations in Vietnam HCR 3007
Definition of Military and Uniformed Services HB 1109
Definition of Veteran and Required Documentation When Claiming Veterans' Preference for Employment HB 1222
Department of Defense Early Childhood Services SB 2182
Department of Veterans' Affairs Access to Information HB 1326
Free Tuition for Dependents of Disabled Veterans or Veterans Killed in Action HB 1196
Hidden Wounds Veterans' Overpass HB 1354
Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Out-of-state National Guard Members HB 1134
Income Tax Deduction for Military Pay SB 2293
Infrastructure Projects and Programs Adjutant General SB 2307
Integrated State Aid Formula Payments SB 2346
Leave of Absence Without Pay for Military Duties HB 1193
Military Honors Funeral Funds and Reimbursement HB 1182
National Guard
Expansion of Tuition Grants to Include Out-of-state Institutions SB 2094
Pay and Benefits HB 1069
Updating of Federal References SB 2095
Possession of a Firearm at a Public Gathering HB 1194
Recognize Constitutional Duty of Congress to Declare War HCR 3012
Refusing Veterans' Preference HB 1250
Repeal Statute Relating to Statewide Seamless Base Map Fees SB 2117
Residency Requirements for Military Installation School Board Members SB 2223
State Aid Calculation for High-cost Students HB 1464
State Family Medical Leave Benefits SB 2198
Teachers' Fund for Retirement Exception to Membership HB 1150
Urge Congress to Provide for Inclusion of Names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall HCR 3008
Veterans Relief and Rehabilitation SB 2204
Virtual Instruction of Military-connected Students HB 1132
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