Major Topic Index - Office of Management and Budget

Category Bill
Agency Appropriation SB 2015
Agriculture Diversification and Development Fund HB 1276
Clean Sustainable Energy Fund SB 2165
Community Services Supervision Fund for Community Corrections Association Regions SB 2015
Grants for Indigent Guardianship Services SB 2345
Guardianship Services SB 2035
Judgment Expenses(1) SB 2025
Bidders List SB 2042
Exceptions to Competitive Bidding Process SB 2042
Resolution of Identical Bids or Proposals and Vendor Requirements SB 2042
Establishment of Information Technology Guidelines HB 1086
Exception to Procurement Procedure for Contracts for Ombudsmen SB 2194
Facility Management Operating Fund SB 2015
Garnishment Service on Office of Management and Budget SB 2072
Government Liability if Packaging or Click-through Agreements SB 2109
Oil and Gas Tax Revenue Hedging Advisory Committee HB 1399
Reciprocal Preference Requirements in Procurement SB 2042
Attorney General Report of Additional Income SB 2003
Insurance Commissioner Report Any Additional Federal Funds SB 2010
Services Provided to Occupational and Professional Boards SB 2337
State Contracts With Certain Companies That Boycott Energy, Mining, and Production Agriculture HB 1429
State Investment Board Membership HB 1088
State Printing Requirements HB 1056
Strategic Investment and Improvements Fund
Deferred Maintenance Funding Pool SB 2015
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