Major Topic Index - Public Employees

Category Bill
Department of Health and Human Services
Fair Housing to Employees HB 1051
Exempt Records During Executive Session SB 2232
Family Medical Leave SB 2198
Health Coverage
Diabetes Drugs and Supplies SB 2140
Fertility Benefits HB 1146
Insulin Drug and Supply Benefits to All Group and Individual Health Insurance Policies SB 2140
Optional Benefits SB 2171
Incentive Compensation Program for Full-time Equivalent Positions SB 2022
Juneteenth and Native American Heritage Day SB 2235
Leave of Absence Without Loss of Pay for Military Duties HB 1193
Notice to Accused of Ethical Violation SB 2048
Open Meeting Notice SB 2232
Prohibiting a Public Servant From Seizing Private Property Without Due Process SB 2385
Prohibiting Possession of Public Employe Personnel Documents HB 1442
Record Retention and Administration of Employee Accounts HB 1528
Repealing the Employee Benefits Programs Committee HB 1539
Retirement System
Closure of Main Plan Program to New Hires, Expansion of the Defined Contribution Plan HB 1486
Contracts for Health Benefits Coverage HB 1321
Warrants for Electronic Communication Information SB 2043
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