Major Topic Index - School Boards

Category Bill
Appraisal of Land Conveyed to United States HB 1448
Authority of School District to Pay Signing Bonuses HB 1187
Campaign Contribution Statements HB 1116
Limiting Compensation for School District Superintendents HB 1251
Membership, Spending Authority, and Funding for Education Coordination Council HB 1123
Parental Rights
Parental Involvement in Education SB 2260
School District Notifications SB 2188
Pledge of Allegiance HB 1120
Prohibition on a State Entity From Employing an Individual Under Contract With a School District HB 1201
Prohibition on Providing Accommodations to a Transgender Student HB 1522
Recording, Publishing, and Archiving School District Board Meetings HB 1270
Residency Requirements for Military Installation School Board Members SB 2223
State Aid Baseline Funding SB 2066
Virtual Instruction of Students and Open Enrollment HB 1376
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