Major Topic Index - Strategic Investments and Improvements Fund

2023 Regular Session (68th Legislative Assembly)

Strategic Investments and Improvements Fund

Category Bill
Adjutant General
Funds for Statewide Interoperable Radio Network Equipment SB 2016
Agriculture Commissioner
Bioscience Innovation Fund and Bioscience Innovation Grant Program SB 2009
Federal Highway Discretionary Grants, Flexible Transportation Fund, Existing Loan Programs to Assist Railroads and Railways, and Red River Infrastructure HB 1012
Grasslands Grazing Grants SB 2290
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
New Heart River Correctional Center Facility and Maintenance Shop HB 1015
Department of Health and Human Services
Human Service Finance Fund SB 2012
Procurement and Grant Management, New State Hospital, Pregnant and Parenting Women Residential Facilities, and Southeast Human Service Center SB 2012
Enterprise Digitization Project and Customer Relationship Management Program HB 1021
Fertilizer Development Advisory Council HB 1018
Integrated School Aid Formula Payments SB 2346
Mayville State University
Old Main Renovation HB 1003
North Dakota Development Fund HB 1018
Northern Great Plains Transportation Institute Feed Production Center Facility Upgrade and Pellet Mill HB 1020
Office of Management and Budget
Deferred Maintenance Funding Pool SB 2015
Pay for Success Fund HB 1480
Residential Partnership in Assisting Community Expansion Fund HB 1499
Rural Workforce Housing Grant Program HB 1018
Secretary of State
Transfer for New Campaign System, Contracted Website Redesign, and Information Technology Enhancements SB 2002
State Energy Research Center Fund
Rare Earth Minerals Study HB 1014
Underground Energy Storage Research Project HB 1014
State Historical Society
Critical Repairs to Historic Site Structures SB 2018
State Share of Oil and Gas Taxes SB 2275
State University System
Capital Projects HB 1003
Tax Commissioner
Paying the State Reimbursement Under the Homestead Tax Credit SB 2136
Transfer to Clean Natural Gas Capture and Emissions Reduction Fund SB 2089
University System Capital Building Fund HB 1034
University System Capital Building Fund (1) HB 1003
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