Major Topic Index - Supreme Court

Category Bill
Supreme Court Building Oversight Committee HB 1397
Task Force on Guardianship Monitoring to Promote the Accountability of All Guardians SB 2345
Infrastructure Projects and Programs Supreme Court SB 2307
Judicial District Mental Health Diversion Pilot Program HB 1138
Judicial Referees Abolished SB 2252
Parenting Investigations and Reports HB 1113
Procedural Requirements Governing Appeals From Local Governing Bodies HB 1462
Protecting Survivors of Domestic Abuse From Abusive Litigation HB 1533
Renovating and Constructing New Building HB 1397
Rural Attorney Recruit Program SB 2267
Study Housing of Supreme Court HCR 3025
Supreme Court May Award Reasonable Attorneys' Fees HB 1058
Temporary Court of Appeals Extended SB 2045
Transfer of Clerks of Court From County to Supreme Court SB 2277
Uniform Bail Schedule Initiative HB 1453
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