Major Topic Index - Townships

Category Bill
Addition of Penalty to Traffic Signs SB 2350
Allocations to Non-oil Producing Townships From the County Highway Aid Fund SB 2329
Allocations to Non-oil-producing Townships From the Township Highway Aid Fund and Motor Vehicle Excise Tax SB 2329
County and Township Bridge Fund HB 1147
Closure of a Section Line Open for Public Travel HB 1206
Compensation of Township Officials HB 1236
County and Township Bridge Fund HB 1379
Duties of Township Officials HB 1236
Model Zoning Ordinances for Animal Feeding Operations HB 1423
Notices Triggering Zoning Inspections When Assessments Are Conducted and Building Permits Are Issued HB 1422
Notification of Tax Increase HB 1126
Publication of Equalization Meeting Notices HB 1057
Recorded Declaration for a Condominium Project HB 1174
Regional Livestock Planning Grants HB 1437
Report on Transportation Funding and Expenditures SB 2044
Requirements to Cease Cloud Seeding HB 1166
Snow Removal Grants of up to Sixty Percent for Costs Incurred SB 2183
Township Participation in the National Flood Insurance Program SB 2365
Township Special Road Fund Limitations SB 2178
Water Projects - Bridges and Culverts SB 2036
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