Major Topic Index - Water Resource Districts

Category Bill
Appeal of Decision of Water Resource Board SB 2036
Assessments SB 2036
Assessments for Water Projects SB 2037
Assessments for Water Projects(1) SB 2037
Contracts for Water Projects SB 2036
Drainage Basin Tax Levy SB 2372
Drain Projects SB 2036
Financing Water Projects SB 2037
Joint Water Resource Boards and Construction of a Water Project in More Than One County SB 2372
Operation of Watershed Districts SB 2372
Procedural Requirements Governing Appeals From Local Governing Bodies HB 1462
Smaller Subsurface Water Management Systems HB 1239
Water Drainage SB 2037
Water Resource Board Minutes HB 1391
Water Resource Board Minutes and Maintenance of an Assessment Drain HB 1391
Wild and Scenic River Designation SB 2097
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