Major Topic Index - Water

Category Bill
Composition of Onsite Wastewater Recycling Technical Committee SB 2256
Creation of the Northwest Area Water Supply Authority HB 1218
Department of Water Resources Authority to Require Operating Plans for Dams HB 1073
Flood Management
Enforcement of Floodplain Management HB 1098
Flood Control and Water Conveyance Projects and Works SB 2326
Township Participation in the National Flood Insurance Program SB 2365
Ground Water Monitoring SB 2074
Investigation of Removal of Obstructions in Watercourse SB 2036
Joint Water Resource Boards and Construction of a Water Project in More Than One County SB 2372
Maximum Basement Depths in Residential Properties SB 2303
North Dakota Atmospheric Resource Board HB 1072
Notice and Hearing Process for Cancellation of Water Rights HB 1075
Operation of Watershed Districts SB 2372
Permanent Easement Restriction for Water Pipelines SB 2364
Repeal of Statute Relating to the Onsite Wastewater Recycling Technical Committee SB 2253
Wild and Scenic River Designation SB 2097
Smaller Subsurface Water Management Systems HB 1239
Tribal Contracts With the State Water Commission HB 1385
Water Permit Applications HB 1074
Water Permit Thresholds for Dikes, Dams, and Other Devices HB 1076
Water Resource Boards
Minutes HB 1391
Minutes and Maintenance of an Assessment Drain HB 1391
Procedural Requirements Governing Appeals From a Local Governing Body and Water Resource Board HB 1462
Procedures for Assessment Projects Undertaken SB 2036
Water Storage Contracts HB 1077
Weather Modification
County Weather Modification Operations HB 1166
Prohibition on the Use of State Funds for Cloud Seeding HB 1166
Western Area Water Supply Authority Loans SB 2196
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