Major Topic Index - Appropriations

Category Bill
Adjutant General
Snow Removal Grants SB 2394
Bismarck State College
Multipurpose Academic and Athletic Center Capital Facility Project HB 1543
Capitol Building Fund SB 2393
Department of Commerce
Office of Legal Immigration HB 1544
Workforce Development Grants HB 1544
Department of Environmental Quality
Administrative Expense Reimbursement SB 2395
Department of Health and Human Services
Behavioral Health HB 1543
Department of Public Instruction
Integrated Formual Payments SB 2398
Executive Branch SB 2394
Agency Appropriation SB 2394
Judicial Branch HB 1542
Labor Commissioner
Administrative Expense Reimbursement SB 2395
Legislative Assembly
Agency Appropriation HB 1541
Legislative Branch
Agency Appropriation HB 1541
Office of Management and Budget
Agency Appropriation SB 2393
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