North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 1-02

Rules of Interpretation

Section Section Name
1-02-01 Rule of construction of code
1-02-02 Words to be understood in their ordinary sense
1-02-03 Language ‑ How construed
1-02-03.1 Person‑first language
1-02-04 Conflict in expression of numbers
1-02-05 Construction of unambiguous statute
1-02-06 Clerical and typographical errors
1-02-06.1 Journal entry rule ‑ Presumption of validity of legislation
1-02-07 Particular controls general
1-02-08 Conflicting provisions found in the same statute
1-02-09 Irreconcilable statutes or constitutional amendments passed during the same session
1-02-09.1 Multiple amendments to the same provision, one without reference to the other
1-02-09.2 Reconciliation of conflicting proposed amendments to the constitution
1-02-10 Code not retroactive unless so declared
1-02-11 Source note not part of statute
1-02-12 Caption, cross‑reference note, and source note
1-02-13 Uniform laws interpreted to effect purpose
1-02-14 Majority power
1-02-15 Computation of time
1-02-16 Repeal does not revive act previously repealed
1-02-17 Repeal ‑ Effect
1-02-18 Pending actions or proceedings not affected by code
1-02-19 Effect upon former laws ‑ Repeals
1-02-20 Severability
1-02-21 Office held under provisions repealed by this code to be retained ‑ Exceptions
1-02-22 Effect when office abolished
1-02-23 Limitations ‑ How reckoned
1-02-24 Time for performance of act ‑ How computed
1-02-25 Continuations of existing statutes
1-02-26 Effect of revision upon initiated measures
1-02-27 Conflicts adjusted
1-02-28 Benefit of provisions of law may be waived
1-02-29 Repeal of incorporating law does not dissolve existing corporation or limited liability company
1-02-30 Vested rights protected
1-02-31 Existing boundaries to remain after code takes effect
1-02-32 Existing ordinances and regulations to remain in force after code takes effect
1-02-33 Statutes which shall be deemed subsequent to code
1-02-33.1 Section 1‑02‑33 not applicable to laws enacted in 1943 session
1-02-34 Pendency and transfer of actions and proceedings
1-02-35 Date of taking effect of code
1-02-36 Registered or certified mail
1-02-37 Citations
1-02-38 Intentions in the enactment of statutes
1-02-39 Aids in construction of ambiguous statutes
1-02-40 Statutory references
1-02-41 References to a series
1-02-42 Effective dates of legislation ‑ Rules of construction