North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 4.1-21


Section Section Name
4.1-21-01 State forester ‑ Appointment ‑ Qualifications ‑ Duties
4.1-21-02 State nursery ‑ Maintenance ‑ Purpose
4.1-21-03 Powers ‑ Cooperative state agreements
4.1-21-04 State forester reserve account
4.1-21-05 Distribution of seeds and planting stock
4.1-21-06 State forester may accept land for forestry purposes
4.1-21-07 Obligations incurred in acquiring land ‑ Payment
4.1-21-08 Powers of state forester when lands acquired or leased
4.1-21-09 Revenue received from lands acquired or leased ‑ Regulations governing ‑ Payments in lieu of taxes
4.1-21-10 State forester may sell, exchange, or lease lands
4.1-21-11 Agreements for shelterbelt lands by state
4.1-21-12 Trees for North Dakota program and trust fund