North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 4.1-25

Dairy Product Regulation

Section Section Name
4.1-25-01 Definitions
4.1-25-02 Licenses required ‑ Fees ‑ Term
4.1-25-03 Financial records release authorization with application for licensure
4.1-25-04 Financial condition ‑ Assurance of prompt payment
4.1-25-05 Statement of business operations or financial condition ‑ Filing ‑ Review by Bank of North Dakota ‑ Confidential ‑ Audited
4.1-25-06 Surety bond, trustee agreement, or other security or assurances
4.1-25-07 Financial basis for license ‑ Statement to producer ‑ Notification to department
4.1-25-08 Additional security
4.1-25-09 Filing of security before license year
4.1-25-10 Failure to file security ‑ Notice to producers
4.1-25-11 Out‑of‑state dealers, processors, or producers not exempt
4.1-25-12 Entry, inspection, and investigation
4.1-25-13 Records and reports
4.1-25-14 Department to become trustee upon default in required security
4.1-25-15 Application by department for appointment of trustee ‑ Hearing ‑ Appointment
4.1-25-16 Notice to file claims ‑ When claims barred
4.1-25-17 Remedy of claimants ‑ Separate action by claimant permissible
4.1-25-18 Appeal or compromising of action by department
4.1-25-19 Claims collections to be deposited in Bank of North Dakota
4.1-25-20 Trust fund report ‑ Notice to claimants ‑ Approving or modifying report
4.1-25-21 Attorney general to represent department and may employ assistants ‑ Department need not pay court costs
4.1-25-22 License needed to sample, haul, or test ‑ Training ‑ Examination ‑ Term ‑ Fee
4.1-25-23 Commissioner to investigate complaint
4.1-25-24 Inspections
4.1-25-25 Suspension or revocation of license ‑ Judicial review ‑ Emergency order
4.1-25-26 Sampling and testing procedures ‑ Equipment ‑ Supplies
4.1-25-27 Sampling of milk
4.1-25-28 Standards for the production of manufacturing grade milk ‑ Minimum standards of rules
4.1-25-29 Standards for dairy manufacturing or processing ‑ Minimum standards of rules
4.1-25-30 Standards for grade A milk and milk products ‑ Adoption of rules
4.1-25-31 State milk sanitation rating and sampling surveillance officer ‑ Duties ‑ Guidelines
4.1-25-32 Milk laboratory evaluations officer ‑ Duties ‑ Guidelines
4.1-25-33 Grade A pasteurized milk ordinance
4.1-25-34 Quality records to be kept ‑ Term
4.1-25-35 Milk haulers ‑ License required ‑ Commissioner to adopt rules
4.1-25-36 Adulterated, impure, or unwholesome milk or milk products not to be transported, stored, sold, or offered for sale
4.1-25-37 Sale of milk or milk products in violation of this chapter prohibited
4.1-25-38 Exception for uses as directed by physicians
4.1-25-39 Sale of foods not imitation milk, imitation milk products, or filled dairy products
4.1-25-40 Shared animal ownership agreement ‑ Raw milk
4.1-25-41 Labeling and identity standards
4.1-25-42 Reports ‑ Blanks ‑ When made ‑ Contents
4.1-25-43 Test results disputes
4.1-25-44 Test sample disputes
4.1-25-45 Standards considered minimum ‑ Municipality may provide more stringent standards
4.1-25-46 Fees and penalties collected to be placed in general fund
4.1-25-47 Disposal of illegal milk or milk products ‑ Seizure
4.1-25-48 Penalty for violation of chapter ‑ Additional civil penalty ‑ Failure to pay civil penalty
4.1-25-49 State's attorney's endorsement to complaint unnecessary upon violation of chapter
4.1-25-50 Rules
4.1-25-51 Shared animal ownership agreement rules limitation
4.1-25-52 Enforcement