North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 10-01.1

Registered Agents Act

Section Section Name
10-01.1-01 Citation
10-01.1-02 Definitions
10-01.1-03 Fees
10-01.1-04 Addresses in filings
10-01.1-05 Appointment of registered agent
10-01.1-06 Listing of commercial registered agent
10-01.1-07 Termination of listing of commercial registered agent
10-01.1-08 Change of registered agent by entity
10-01.1-09 Change of name or address by noncommercial registered agent
10-01.1-10 Change of name, address, or type of organization by commercial registered agent
10-01.1-11 Resignation of registered agent ‑ Removal of agent appointed without consent
10-01.1-12 Appointment of agent by nonfiling or nonqualified foreign entity
10-01.1-13 Service of process on entities, nonresident governors, and the secretary of state
10-01.1-14 Duties of registered agent
10-01.1-15 Jurisdiction and venue
10-01.1-16 Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act
10-01.1-17 Savings clause