North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-03

Division of Counties

Section Section Name
11-03-01 Division of counties ‑ Electors' petition ‑ Election held
11-03-02 Petition ‑ Contents ‑ Signers necessary
11-03-03 Notice of election ‑ Canvass and return of votes cast
11-03-04 Ballot ‑ Form
11-03-05 Affirmative vote necessary ‑ Notice to secretary of state ‑ Notice to governor
11-03-06 Governor to appoint county commissioners ‑ When county deemed in existence
11-03-07 Temporary county seat ‑ How located
11-03-08 Board of county commissioners to appoint county officers ‑ Exception
11-03-09 Division of county into commissioners' districts ‑ Terms of office of commissioners first elected
11-03-10 Records to be transcribed
11-03-11 Indebtedness of new county to original county ‑ How and when determined
11-03-12 Indebtedness of new county to original county to be paid in bonds
11-03-13 Issuance of bonds ‑ Classification ‑ Exchange by original county
11-03-14 County treasurer to keep bond register
11-03-15 Commissioners of new county to issue bonds in denominations required by original county ‑ Exception ‑ Delivery
11-03-16 Tax levy by new county for payment of bonds
11-03-17 Tax collected for payment of bonds must be used for that purpose ‑ Use of surplus
11-03-18 Payment to new county when public funds of original county exceed its indebtedness
11-03-19 Special funds belonging to taxing districts within new county ‑ Delivery ‑ Distribution
11-03-20 Commissioners of original county to fill vacancies and redistrict county
11-03-21 School and road districts renumbered and renamed
11-03-22 Validity of bonds issued by school district not affected by division
11-03-23 Original county cannot collect revenue in new county
11-03-24 New county within judicial district
11-03-25 Judges to appoint term of district court in new county
11-03-26 Writs, bonds, and recognizances issued from new county
11-03-27 Fees of county commissioners
11-03-28 Elections governed by general election law