North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-05

Consolidation of Counties

Section Section Name
11-05-01 Definition of terms
11-05-02 Board of county commissioners to submit consolidation plan to electorate
11-05-03 Consolidation of all territory within organized county with two or more counties ‑ Petitions required ‑ Election
11-05-04 Notice of election ‑ How given
11-05-05 Form of ballot
11-05-06 Canvass of votes and returns ‑ How made
11-05-07 Affirmative vote necessary to consolidate counties
11-05-08 Resubmission of question
11-05-09 County auditor to notify secretary of state of result of election
11-05-09.1 Officer elections
11-05-09.2 Consolidated county
11-05-10 Secretary of state to notify governor of result of election ‑ Governor's proclamation
11-05-11 Equalization of assets and liabilities of counties
11-05-11.1 Arbitration of disagreement
11-05-12 Records and equipment transferred to adjoining county
11-05-13 Money and property delivered to adjoining county ‑ Money to be kept in separate fund
11-05-14 When consolidation is complete
11-05-15 Officers of petitioning county to hold office until time expires ‑ Duties
11-05-16 Judicial actions and proceedings transferred to courts of adjoining county
11-05-17 Trial of criminal cases transferred to adjoining county
11-05-18 Officers shall not be elected in petitioning county
11-05-19 Members of board of county commissioners of petitioning county to meet with board of adjoining county ‑ Expiration of terms of officers of petitioning county
11-05-20 Board of county commissioners of adjoining county to redistrict new county
11-05-21 Compensation of commissioners of petitioning county ‑ Vacancy not to be filled
11-05-22 Territory in petitioning county to remain in same legislative district until apportionment ‑ Election of legislators ‑ How conducted
11-05-23 Authority of officers of adjoining county
11-05-24 Petitioning and adjoining counties liable for only their own debts
11-05-25 Power of consolidated county to levy taxes to pay debts
11-05-26 Board of county commissioners of consolidated county may issue evidences of indebtedness
11-05-27 Suits against petitioning county brought against adjoining county ‑ Payment of judgment against petitioning county