North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-06

Changing County Lines

Section Section Name
11-06-01 Changing county lines by transfer of territory from one county to another authorized ‑ Petitions required
11-06-02 Area and population requirements of county after change in boundaries ‑ When petition disregarded
11-06-03 Election required ‑ Duties of boards of county commissioners
11-06-03.1 Boards of county commissioners to submit plan of county consolidation committee to electors
11-06-04 Election ‑ Notice ‑ Ballot ‑ Returns
11-06-05 Petition and election within three years of prior election
11-06-06 When territory transferred ‑ Assessment of taxes ‑ Judicial and official proceedings ‑ Township officers continue in office
11-06-07 Debts of transferred territory ‑ Payment to county from which transferred
11-06-08 Redistricting when county enlarged
11-06-09 When territory less than one congressional township ‑ Election